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How does dementia affect you?

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Someone close to me is affected by dementia

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I am someone that is experiencing dementia

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I represent an organisation that is looking to/for support

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I am looking to book a choir to come and sing

Get Involved

Support us in a number of ways:

1. Subscribe and keep choirs running

2. Join a choir

3. Become a choir leader

4. Fund a new choir

5. Volunteer and support members

About The Memory Choir

An opportunity to forge new friendships through the wonders of singing

The Memory Choir (TMC) is a social enterprise with the aim of enhancing the wellbeing of people living with dementia through singing as a group.


Join us with our mission to improve quality of life for all those living with dementia.

Keep informed about The Memory Choir and sign up to our mailing list

Thanks for getting involved!

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