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What Do People Say?

Had the most amazing afternoon with the very special Memory Choir, I have seen a side to a lot of people that I have not seen before!!  Thank you so much from all at Abbotswood Court.

L. Wintle.

Helps with anxiety and depression symptoms.  More confidence and self esteem.

TMC Andover Member

’The Memory Choir came to Abbotswood Court this afternoon.  It was amazing to see some of the individuals who reside here, that have difficulties with their communication either due to stroke or due to their cognitive ability, sing songs, and have enjoyment from the session.  It made a huge difference to all individuals who participated in the singing, residents, relatives and staff.  It was amazing.  Thank you for making a difference to our residents lives.

S. Delves

Dad mentioned the Memory Choir a while ago and how excited he was about participating in it.  Dad used to sing a lot in a choir as a young boy and always loved music.  It was lovely for me to see him ‘rocking away’ in front of me and singing his heart out.  After seeing him this happy, its brilliant.


Stimulation for my husband who has Dementia.  He loves music and he can sing and read words to a song, but he has no conversation or ability to express himself.  After a singing session, he feels happier.  My husband enjoys the company of familiar faces and being with other men.  His Dementia has stabilised a little.  His concentration is slightly better.  Kim has brought a bit of fun into his life.

C. and R. S.

Today Kim and The Memory Choir Abbotswood hosted a session at our Abbotswood Court Care Home open day.  They absolutely raised the roof and we all had such a wonderful afternoon.  Thanks so much Kim, we can’t recommend you enough.

A. Sait

I was blown away with the Choir and the impact the music had with the residents today at Abbotswood Court.  FAB time had by all and what a way to prove music is one of the best therapies.

A. J. Betteridge

Myself as a Carer I have found new friends both in those suffering from Dementia and their Carers.  When my husband first attended, he was reluctant to join in, but thoroughly enjoy it now. Although my husband forgets each week where he is going, once there, he enjoys the hours session.  I think this would be a worthwhile project for all older people, as it does lift their spirits.

S. S.

Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon at Abbotswood Court Care Home. You guys raised the roof!  So lovely to see so many genuine smiles and absolute delight on peoples faces.  Thank you :-).

Abbotswood Court Care

My husband has Alzheimers and has never been known to sing before, but after joining the Choir, he now really loves singing, its made a huge difference to our lives as we have found something we can enjoy doing together and we both look forward to our sessions each week with our new friends.

Maureen G.

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