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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can join The Memory Choir?
    The Memory Choir is for people's lives who are impacted by dementia, including those experiencing the condition, their family & friends, carers, and anyone who would like to support people in need.
  • How do I join The Memory Choir?
    The Memory Choir runs two different types of choir session. Please see below for guidance on how to get involved and take part. Community: Anyone is welcome to join a community session, you just need to know when and where they are taking place and turn up. If you would like to find out more and locate your local community choir today then please contact us here. Care Homes: Inclusivity and building engagement within their local communities are really important to care homes and their residents. Depending on individual circumstances it is sometimes possible to join in as a non-resident. Contact us here today for guidance on which sessions within a care home you can join and The Memory Choir will either be able to make a referral for you or locate your nearest community choir to join.
  • Does it cost anything to join The Memory Choir?
    Choirs are funded in multiple different ways. Many choirs are backed by funding and local support, and others are funded collectively by their members. If you would like to learn more contact us here today.
  • How long does a Memory Choir session last for?
    Each session of The Memory Choir lasts for 1 hour.
  • How many people attend each Memory Choir session?
    The number of choir members varies from choir to choir. It depends on how long the choir has been running for in any one particular area, and where it is located. The number of attendees has ranged from 8 to 30 people in a session. 
  • What kind of songs does The Memory Choir perform?
    The songs that The Memory Choir sing are carefully chosen. TMC are always keen to have ideas from choir members on what songs to include in the sets, but the songs are considered for their ease of singing, and meaning.  Songs ranging from The Carpenters to Nat King Cole, ABBA to Queen, and many many more are songs that The Memory Choir perform.
  • Does The Memory Choir ever give performances?
    Yes, it is important that members of The Memory Choir keep connected to the community. Any member of a Memory Choir is invited to attend any of the performances that are scheduled as each choir learns the same songs. If you would like to request a performance or find out more about any upcoming performances contact us here today.

If you have any other questions please contact The Memory Choir on or via our Contact Us page.

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