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How you can get involved and support TMC

There are several ways to can support The Memory Choir:

•   You may wish to become a Choir leader. TMC have a specific model they have created in delivering a Memory Choir session. As the Memory Choir grows, there will be the need for more Choir leaders.

•   If you are someone that has no experience or situation that involves dementia, but you wish to support those people who do, you may wish to become a Memory Choir volunteer member, which is extremely helpful when some choir members may find difficulty in finding lyrics in their song books, or just need some friendly support and understanding.

•   If you wish to financially support The Memory Choir, please contact us via this website. Financial support will contribute to the funding that either sustains existing Choirs in the community, or towards establishing new Memory Choirs in the County. It will also help towards extending Memory Choirs beyond the County of Hampshire. 


For any enquiries on how you might like to support The Memory Choir, please contact on or via our Contact Us page.

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