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About The Memory Choir ®

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The Memory Choir (TMC) is a socially responsible organisation with the aim of enhancing the wellbeing of people living with dementia through singing as a group.

TMC was founded in April 2018 by Kim Garner (Romsey, Hampshire UK), a retired social care professional with a passion for singing and entertaining people of all ages. Being something close to her heart, Kim embarked on a new venture to enhance the lives of those living with dementia following reading some research on how singing can be a beneficial part of overall care.

There is a lot of evidence to show that singing provides people living with dementia, moments of memories that re-connect them to the present and to their loved ones (learn more here). It also provides those closest to them, a chance to be with the person they knew, and enjoy a meaningful activity they can both take part in and experience a positive result.

TMC is designed to connect all people living with dementia, such as those experiencing the condition, their family & friends, as well as carers and supporters. TMC also provides an opportunity to forge new friendships which add further support systems to their challenging daily lives.

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