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The Memory Choir sings at Winchester Crown Court

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

We are excited to share a remarkable event that unfolded on 25th May 2023 when The

Memory Choir embarked on a truly unique and ground-breaking endeavour. Our voices

filled the judge’s library in Winchester Crown Court, where judges and other dignitaries

gathered to witness a powerful fusion of music and community spirit. This event

marked a significant milestone as it was the first of its kind for a choir like us in the

United Kingdom. The entire audience embraced the opportunity to become active

participants, with their voices blending with the choirs. It was a remarkable sight,

seeing esteemed judges and dignitaries set aside their formal roles and immerse

themselves in the collective experience of music. One judge had arrived late, and

rapidly de-robed so that he could join in with the choir. Following the performance, the

feedback from the audience was resoundingly positive.

The grandeur of Winchester Crown Court provided a fitting backdrop for our

performance. There was a sense of unity between us all.

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